Great question!

In India, they’ve invented a way to tame the very powerful elephant. When they train a baby elephant, they tie it up to a stake so it can’t escape. It can’t break free so it gives up trying. When the much stronger adult elephant is is tied up to the stake, it actually could pull up the stake, but won’t. When it feels the tension of the rope, it stops trying to break away and acts like it did years ago.

You may need to pull up the stakes that may be holding you back from pursuing the dreams and goals you have for your leadership and the firm you lead. Together, we’ll work to pull up the stakes holding you back, and maybe even be doing amazing things like the elephant above.


My passion and life experiences cross the divide between the for-profit and non-profit worlds. People and profit must coexist. I love helping companies in the areas of personal and organizational performance, leadership development, executive C-suite coaching, strategic planning, innovative marketing & media strategies, university advancement leadership and philanthropic advising. My formal education was at Biola University where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and minored in Biblical Studies. My almost 40 years of work in business and ministry roles allowed me to be shaped by the ebb and flow of life from which I can offer my expertise to you.

Some of the companies I have helped:

Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), Office of the President
Power to Change (Canadian arm of USA Cru)
Troyer Enterprises, (Oil & Gas Servicing)
Convene (for profit peer to peer CEO networking)
Family Life (non-profit ministry to marriages and families)
Christian Management Association (Association of non-profit ministries)
South Delta Baptist Church
ViServ (church web based community software)
MTI China, (K-12 schools in China)
Pinnacle Forum (non-profit ministry to executives)
Actionview Signs (new technology sign company)