Industrialist Andrew Carnegie once suggested that his epitaph should read, "Here lies a man who was able to surround himself with men far cleverer than himself." If we were meeting at your favorite coffee shop or grabbing breakfast, I’d ask you this question: “Who’s surrounding you?”

I have the incredible privilege of leading an enterprise of hundreds of faith based CEOs. Our Convene network of Christian CEOs lead companies that together generate revenue of around $5.6 billion, employ about 35,000 people, work with over 40,000 vendors and serve over 1 million customers. That’s bigger than most mega-churches and the marketplace gets to influence these workers for about 40 hours a week or 70% of their life. Your business can make culture better so people can flourish and have the curtain pulled back on the meaning and purpose of life. When that happens, your company, community and possibly, if we work together, entire cities and countries can be changed as we move the culture toward its God ordained purposes.

Are you looking for stronger profits or growth? Feeling overloaded? When you close your eyes at night and stare into the blackness, do you wonder how to integrate your faith with your business? Got any blind spots? Why not consider joining a small group of high-performing CEOs and business owners just like you who meet monthly and connect to a life coach in Convene peer-to-peer learning groups. We’re in about 40 cities across the USA.

This week, around the world, about 7 billion people got up and went to work for about 40 hours. Many of them have ditched religion and the Church. Marketplace leaders are the pastors of Monday to Friday. People don’t just want money for their day at your workplace, they want meaning.

It’s time to Convene! Find out more here. 

Jesus' ministry was all about the marketplace:

32 public appearances...122 in workplace (90%)
52 parables...45 had workplace context (86%)
40 miracles...39 in marketplace (97%)
Jesus owned a business till he was 30 BEFORE he became a preacher.
Work is mentioned 800 times in the Bible!