Would you like to dive in to some strategic questions that help unlock and weave together the stories of your life? Together, we can discover the purpose you’ve been craving. Purpose that will empower you for the rest of your life. I’m a certified Life Purpose Facilitator. Life Purpose Facilitation is a private, strategic, proven 2-day process that uses a unique set of diagnostic tools to develop a deep understanding of the tapestry of you. It’s much like viewing a movie with God as the Producer and you as the main character! I’ll walk you through a self-discovery process about your God-ordained future and then put some tools in your hands to live it out well.

Some things that we would talk about are:

 *   Your passions, gifts, life achievements, challenges, and opportunities
 *   The themes and patterns that keep repeating in your life
 *   Your goals and plans for the future
 *   Your heart's most burning desire and where God is leading you

A Life Purpose Facilitation will benefit you by helping you see the bigger picture of your life, not just your day-to-day activities. It will help you clarify your unique God-given purpose and help you to become intensely focused on the goals for the core areas of your life.

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*Banner photo by Ben Coffman